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University administration

TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY is a multi-educational, scientific and innovative complex, providing a multi-level training of highly qualified specialists for industry, governmental/municipal authorities and law structures in the area of Transbaikal region, Far East and Eastern Siberia.

In 2012, there was an integration of Transbaikal State University and Chernyshevsky Transbaikal State Humanitarian Pedagogical University. Today’s TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY combines the power of two leading universities in the region. This is the largest University in Transbaikal region, which educational and scientific potential responds the modern requirements and ensure sustainable development of higher education. TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY creates the conditions for all directions of quality education, for the development of every student professional, scientific and creative abilities.


Now the educational process in the University is carried out at 15 faculties:

-     Faculty of Mining;

-     Faculty of Construction and Environment;

-     Faculty of Power Engineering;

-     Faculty of Technology, Transport and Communication;

-     Faculty of Law;

-     Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Technology;

-     Faculty of History;

-     Faculty of Philology and Mass Communications;

-     Faculty of Economics and Management;

-     Faculty of Culture and Arts;

-     Faculty of Physical Education and Sports;

-  Faculty of Sociology (as a part of Social Sciences, Psychology and Pedagogy Institute);

-  Faculty of Psychology and Education (as a part of Social Sciences, Psychology and Pedagogy Institute);

-     Faculty of Supplementary Professional Education;

-     Faculty of Correspondence Education.

There are Distance Learning Center, Humanitarian Technical College and two Lyceum operating at the University. At present, the number of University students is more than 18 thousand, including about 8,000 full-time training. As a part of TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY campus there are three student dormitories, which are the home for more than 1,700 students.

In 88 training courses and specialties of the University students receive strong and qualitative knowledge. TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY adopted worldwide multi-level system of education, including four-year bachelor’s degree on 57 directions with the possibility of continuing education for master's degree and 25 programs that can be continued in receiving postgraduate and doctoral degrees. Educational process is provided by highly qualified lecturers, 62 % of which have academic degrees, including 10 % of doctor’s degrees. Among the teaching staff of the University there are sectorial academies of sciences academicians and corresponding members, certificated and honored workers of Russian Federation higher professional education, honored workers by different industrial branches.

Scientific library of the University is the largest information and library center of Transbaikal region. Library is structured by 7 departments, 4 electronic reading rooms. The total area of the library is 2,799 sq. m. The library fund is about a million numbers of books.

TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY pays much attention for promoting students employment. Department for this activity together with other departments of the University and partner companies performs the task of forecasting and development the sphere of students’ employment. There is a wide range of activities, which is held for the purpose of graduate’s employment: "The Days of Career", "The Fair of Jobs", meetings with employers, working commissions in the purpose of students’ employment.

Within the framework of invention and innovation activity 65 patents are supported. In 2013, 16 applications for industrial property rights were submitted, 18 patents of Russia were obtained, 7 computer programs were registered. University scientists research work results are annually publishing in a number of scientific articles, tutorials, including approved by Teaching-Methodological Association and Ministry of Education editions. In 2013 it was received about 11approvals by Russian Teaching-Methodological Association, 11 textbooks were recommended for using as a textbook for students.

TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY has formed 48 scientific fields, mainly corresponding to the profile training at 69 manufacturing departments implemented within 15 branches of science on 3 fields of knowledge. Among them: the field of "Social Studies" includes 28 scientific directions, that is about 58 %; the field of "Natural and exact sciences" includes 10 scientific directions, that is about 20.8 %; the field of "Technical and Applied Sciences" includes 10 scientific directions, that is about 20.8 %. Scientific, research and innovative infrastructure of the University is represented by 88 research departments, including 2 scientific-research institutes, research and production complex, 40 research laboratories, 12 scientific and educational centers, 8 research centers, 7 planning and construction bureaus, 2 centers for collective use. The University has formed a number of scientific schools well-known both in Russia and abroad. These schools are specialized in the field of geology, paleontology, geophysics, geotechnology, geoecology, enrichment and hydrometallurgy, engineering technology, complex use and protection of water resources, colloid chemistry and physicochemical mechanics, social philosophy, philosophical anthropology and philosophy of culture, literature, national and political processes, general pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education, theory and methodology of professional education, general psychology, psychology of personality, history, psychology, sociology and others. These fields are incorporated both in the process of teaching and in particular practical activities. The powerful potential of these areas accumulated in University departments allowed in the period of 2012-2013 to win some respectable scientific competitions and grants for further practical application to the scientific achievements.

University publishes scientific journals: "Transbaikal State University Journal", "Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University", "Humanitarian Vector". They are included in the list of leading periodicals. Transbaikal State University also provides the Dissertation Councils work for doctoral and master's degrees (PhD). University scientists also participate in the work of such specialized Councils for doctoral and master's degrees in different Russian cities and abroad. The University takes part in a federal program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical potential of innovative Russia (2009-2013)". Through this scientific activity University scientists involved about ten millions of rubles annually not only to the development of university science, but also to the development of whole Transbaikal region. This leads to supporting important scientific research, provides an opportunity to attract for scientific work students and young teachers, helps to consolidate teaching personnel.

There are research centers, laboratories, planning and construction bureaus organized by students in the University. Students take part in various scientific conferences, exhibitions, events, both in the territory of Transbaikal region and all over Russia. Every year TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY holds the so-called "Youth Scientific Spring", that is a set of events, including scientific-practical conference of students and graduate students, some kinds of discussions, competitions and contests (among which is the competition for the best student research work). According to the results of these events the compilation of students and graduate students articles is published.

In the sphere of academic exchanges and providing educational services TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY collaborates with educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations of different levels, research institutes of China, Mongolia, France, Germany, USA, Ukraine. There are communications with embassies and consulates of Japan, France, USA, Canada, China, Mongolia. German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Alliance Francaise, various funds and grantors are also among the partners of the University.

TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY students and graduates have a chance to continue studying at the universities of China, including grants of the Confucius Institute and the Government of China on getting master’s degrees. Some students pass training and practice courses, study a number of disciplines in China, Mongolia, Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland. There are students, who are involved in the exchange programs of the US Department, the Fulbright program.

To speak about foreign students, studying at the University, we can mention the representatives from China, South Korea, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan. What about foreign lecturers, working here, there are some from Romania, Mongolia and China. Foreign students take active part in scientific conferences, student festivals. TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY over past three years has been the platform for 11 foreign graduate students who have received here the PhD degrees in philosophy, pedagogy, philosophy, political science, cultural studies. Of course, after receiving such quality knowledge on different specialties, foreign students after graduation become demanded both in Russian and international labor market. Many of them now are working in such prestigious international companies as marketing company "Evrazteh", bank "Nordeo", "Mongolian construction company", etc. Some are employed in such governmental institutions as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Customs Service, Frontier Service, as well as in such universities as the University of Inner Mongolia, Hulunbuirsky Institute, Yanynansky University, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, Gyeongsang National University. Moreover, today TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY is the only organization in Transbaikal region, where foreign citizens can pass qualifying exams on the knowing of Russian language and, if necessary, be trained on the appropriate courses.  

TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY has more than 60 international agreements and contracts. Among international partners of the University are universities and organizations of China, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Mongolia, Germany, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova. In 2013, more than 120 of our students went abroad for training, internships, practice, participating in various competitions. The vast majority of these activities were possible thanks to new contracts and agreements with foreign universities and organizations. Now about 15 lecturers of the University are working abroad, 5 foreign teachers are working here. According to the information on January 1, 2014, 138 foreign students were enrolled in the studying process of the University. 

As an integral part of the corporate culture in TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY becomes the development of student self-government. Currently, the University has the following youth associations: University Students Council, Trade Union of Students, Council of Young Scientists and Students, Student’s voluntary group, the Headquarter of Students Teams, Students Public juridical Community, Psychological Service for students, Center of political debates "UN-club", Students Tourist Club, Rescue Group, Students Law Enforcement Protection Team within the University campus and others.  

To ensure the realization of the students’ rights to participate in the University management and in order to solve the important issues of youth life, in TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY in December 2013 was established the Joint Council of Students. The Council includes many youth associations. The activists of these youth associations annually hold many events of various kinds, including such contests as "We are the active. Join now!", "Life Energy", "Photocross", "The Mark of the Question", "Zarnica", "BrainStorm", "SQuest" and many others. Such schools for students’ activity as "Up", "School of Leadership", "SverhVerh", "School of leaders", "Language School" are effectively operated. In 2014, the Council of Young Scientists and Students have won the nationwide contest, which resulted in the development programs supported by Russian Ministry of Education with funding for more than 8 million rubles.

The best students of TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY participate in regional, interregional and international scientific conferences in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Blagoveshchensk, Rostov-on-Don and other cities representing the potential of the University, becoming the holders of honors degrees and diplomas/certificates.

2014 year in TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY was declared as "the Year of Sport". The University has excellent facilities for the developing of physical culture and sports, for the implementation of the training process. In the structure of the University there is a well-equipped sports camp "Arakhley", gym, 2 fitness rooms, swimming pool, hockey box, sports and recreation complex "University", a dance hall, skiing lodge. The University pays special attention to sports and tourism-related activities with students and staff. Since 2007, in the University Sports Club is operated. Its infrastructure includes 23 sports sections: football, volleyball, basketball, track and field, weightlifting, swimming, orienteering, ice hockey, gymnastics, aerobics, rugby. More than 1,400 students are involved in sports activity of the University.

The University has created the conditions for discovery and development of the students’ creative abilities. Currently, TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY involves a number of creative students’ teams which are aimed at involvement of students in active and creative university life. Among these teams are brass band, vocal studio "Ultra", folk ensemble "Rumyanitsy", folklore dance ensemble "Nairamdal", folklore group "Zdravica", dance group "Sapphire", students theater "Strannik", fashion theater "Feeriya", pop group "Boys bend", dance studio "Team A", the League of KVN (the Club of Funny and Witty) and others. Some traditional events have become annual. They are: "Day of Knowledge", "Teacher's Day", "International Students Day", "Day of Tolerance", "Two stars" (a kind of a contest), creative festival "Premiere ZabGU", youth show "23 + 8", a festival-contest "Student Spring" and other professional competitions.

For arranging such mass and various activities there are two auditoriums in the University with the ability to accommodate nearly 250 and 560 persons in each. There is also a dance hall for about 40 square meters, student club "Parus" with a recording studio, rooms for practicing vocals and choreography. The number of students involved in the creative activity is increasing annually.

TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY students, postgraduates and those with PhD and master’s degrees for their outstanding achievements in studies, science, sports, creativity are constantly encouraged by additional scholarships and other forms of material support. During university life students who have attained much success in their studies, social work, sport, art are assigned to the scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation, the scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation, the scholarship of the governor of Transbaikal region, the scholarship of the mayor of the Chita city. Outstanding students have a chance to get Award of the President of Russian Federation and Award of Transbaikal region. Scholarships named after V. Kulagin and N.G. Chernyshevsky are also among the most prestigious ones. Each year about 100 of the best university students become the holders of such scholarships.

In order to prevent diseases and in the aim of rehabilitation the University has created two health centers with a total area of ​​about 90 square meters. There is also a sanatorium in the structure of the University with a total area of ​​450 square meters. The patients with diseases of different profiles are able to get professional help in warm atmosphere and comfortable conditions. The range of medical procedures is very wide – from physiotherapy to medical physical culture and massage. Medical services for students are provided with a number of hospitals and leading city clinics according to the special contracts.

Currently, the structure of the University combines the effectively functioning combine public catering which includes several canteens for students, staff and faculty members.

Today TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY has a special mission with the aim of addressing the socio-economic problems of the region through the strategic partnership with the executive and the legislative authorities at all levels, businesses and all sectors of civil society. In this way the University takes part in the formation of the regional development strategy, monitoring of socio-economic development, the formation of innovative personnel policy, scientific and artistic, educational and cultural programs in the region. Strong potential of the University makes it the largest educational, scientific and cultural center of the region.

Welcome to our University – TRANSBAIKAL STATE UNIVERSITY!

Please contact us: umo@chita.ru 8 (3022) 35-98-71, Office for International Affairs, Transbaikal State University.